Hello everybody. As you listen to this song, I’d like to provide you with a bit of insight as to why I wrote it:

Depression is a growing epidemic. It seems as though there are more sad people in the world than happy and I understand that it proves a great struggle for those who have it (and their friends and family as well) to do something simple as get out of bed in the morning. I wrote this song to explain – no matter who you are, what you are going through, or how you feel day after day – that there is someone there who believes in you, loves you, and wants you to succeed in life. I understand that many people who find sadness in themselves find comfort in self-harm and self-depreciation. To all of those people watching this video now, I’d like to say:

You are perfect. And you shouldn’t feel insecure.. Because there is more than one person out there who loves you for you.

Much love to all and please do stay strong in times of darkness.
Amanda xx

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