Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band – „Elastic Band“

„Elastic Band“ by Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band from the album ‚Banned‘, available June 25th
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Written by Romy Lightman
Animated by Zak Tatham
Special Thanks:
Cole Kush
Adam Gundersheimer
Styling by Inez Genereux
Hair and makeup: Lee Dekel
All fashion from 100 Percent Silk Shop

Written by Jean-Sebastien Audet & Romy Lightman


You said your love would be guaranteed
But you make no effort to fulfill my needs
I think we’re going with separate streams
What do those implications really mean?
We’re splitting at the seams
I don’t want to believe that
You’ll be filled with regret in the end
If you turn your back on me
When you leave, you’ll see
Look back on your life and can’t pretend
Like you fulfilled your dreams
Your destinies
It’s too little too late to repent
Or wait or meditate or catch a break
You were not present when you had the chance
You’re off the rhythm
Treat the schism
Missed the pulse, let the beating heart rest
Always mislead by your circumstance
Fed up with you and you’re fed up with me

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