M City JR – Addicted To My EX

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M City J.R. and The Yacht Club Social Network present the highly anticipated visual for the hottest single in the Midwest right now, “Addicted To My Ex.”

The visual was shot by Detroit Videographer Roe Dayzon of Coattail Productions.

M City J.R. is often recognized for the depth of his lyrics and his impressive stage performance. He took those talents and transformed them to pave his own lane, with “Addicted To My Ex.”

In this highly entertaining visual, we see a version of M City J.R. that the world has never seen. A version of himself where he obviously “let himself go,” something that many of us tend to do once we’re comfortable in a relationship.

After engaging in a heated argument with his “old hoe, ” M City J.R. ventures throughout the city of Detroit to transform himself into a fresh, new version of himself.

Everyone can relate to the idea of wanting to show the a person you used to have a relationship with, just how well you’re doing without them. In this video, M City J.R. shows exactly how it feels to get out of a toxic relationship, transform yourself, and effortlessly “Flex” on your Ex!

Once M City J.R. emerges as a much better version of himself, he is spotted out at a restaurant with his new girl, where his ex just happens to be working. After watching the visual, you will see exactly what went down between between the two girls.

Not only can you let out those emotions you have bottled up from that last breakup with this song, but you can turn up to it at the club while you’re out Flexin’ on your Ex!

Representing hard for the city of Detroit at the end of the visual, M City J.R. is Flexin’ in front of the legendary Fist of Detroit (Monument to Joe Louis), sporting on of the hottest brands in the city, Al Wissam.

“Addicted To My Ex” has been quickly circulating through the Midwest, getting consistent radio play in both Michigan and Ohio. It has also reached as far as Atlanta, GA. People all over the United States are Flexin’ on their Ex’s alongside M City J.R.

Watch the exclusive video for “Addicted To My Ex” now!

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