Ronnie Grace – Granted (Official Video)

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A Tofufilms production
Director: Michele Piazza
Drone Director: Federico D‘ Avella
Dop: Uber Mancin
Producer: Silvia Giordani
Editing: Michele Piazza
Mua: Presiana Make Up Lab
Cheater: Drake Taylor
Side Bih: Alessandra Giubilato

„GRANTED“ – Written by V. Moro, A. Ghion, M. Ballarin

Ronnie Grace – vocals
Andrea Ghion – bass, percussions, programming, additional keys
Matteo Ballarin – guitars, programming
Denis Ronchese – keyboards
Francesco Inverno – drums
Ray Mason – trombone, trumpet

Produced by Andrea Ghion and Matteo Ballarin at Fishbowl Studio, Preganziol, TV

Mixed by Riccardo Damian at OCD Studios, London, UK

Mastering by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, Edgewater, NJ, USA

Published by Epops Music ©️ 2021. All rights reserved.

Special Thanks to: Massimo Colomban and Ivana Casagrande and the whole Castelbrando team. Mauro Giordani and Archery Style.

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